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Fitness For Women
Who Love To Eat
And Hate To Move

With a sense of humor and a touch of common sense, Esta McIntyre weaves reflections of childhood experiences with traces of science resulting in a prescription for overcoming the challenges associated with aging gracefully in a one-size-fits-all society. While this book was written with sexagenarian women in mind, it provides a valuable framework for overcoming obstacles to readers of all backgrounds and ages.  This not a weight loss book, nor is it a nutrition guide.  It's about finding sustainable methods for staying healthy through the aging process while keeping a sense of humor.

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Making Peace With
The Shape of Things

For years I had this vision in my head of how I thought I should look. The truth is, it wasn’t a vision but, rather, a delusion.  In my mind, I imagined a taller, sleeker version of Esta. In reality, I’m a 5’2 woman with a big personality and hips to match. How do we reconcile what we are versus what we believe we should be? After many years of exploration, trial and error, I have learned that each of us is cut from a custom cloth, requiring uniquely exquisite solutions. There is no one nutrition or fitness regimen that works for everyone. However, do not despair.  I’ve learned that with a well-chosen team, it is possible to focus on health span rather than life span, traveling a road that leads us to being our most fit selves, aging gracefully and with dignity.

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The Art of Assembling
Your Team

The problem with consistent overeating is that the results of this pastime are evident for all to see. The satisfaction I felt while eating that ice cream sundae was short lived, and always followed by frustration, guilt and a solemn oath swearing I would never again inhale that sweet confection… until the next time… and the next time. Couple that with a sedentary lifestyle and you have a prescription for fatigue and failing health. 

It took years to concede that I could not go it alone, and neither should you. It’s important to have someone you trust assist you in gathering this team of professionals who can keep you on course to your healthiest, happiest life. That’s what I do for my clients, and I’m passionate about helping them to achieve their health and wellness goals, all while keeping their sense of humor.

“I am almost finished with the book and I LOVE it. I feel like I am sitting at a table and talking to you personally.”

Terry H.

“…I’m thinking it’s not only good for people who struggle with their weight but it is motivational for anyone who wants to set a goal in their life. You’ve walked through all your struggles and showed us how you can overcome them…”  

Kathy D.

“Wow! This is a heart book. You feel like you’re sitting face to face with Esta. The book is filled with such honesty and wonderful humor…”

Kelly L.

“I just loved reading YOU! That's what I felt, and this is just what I needed... to hear you in my head! Honestly, this last year has been a rough one, a lot of changes, a lot of stress, and I really have lost track of taking care of me! You have re-inspired me! I actually got up in the middle of reading and did a 2-mile walk! I really did! Then I came back and finished the book! Now I need to stay the course and get back to appreciating life and the many blessings I have. I have listed my 5 action items, and I'm going to move forward on them, with you in my head! I hope you realize what a true inspiration you are in so many lives. God bless you, Esta.”

Sandy C.

“Loved it! I can see myself as the person that works up the nerve to go in the gym - but ultimately I would go once or twice and then make excuses why I couldn’t get back there. Thanks for writing this for those of us that ‘need a push in the right direction.'"

Yvonne H.

“…Your book was wonderful! It was such a delightful read and full of very inspiring stories and quotes. I couldn't put it down! I just wanted to keep on reading because I could relate to so much of it.”

Cathy H-M.

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