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For the past 15 years, Esta McIntyre has owned and operated My Health Studio in Westlake Village, CA, a uniquely wonderful boutique fitness establishment dedicated to solving the challenges facing the actively aging community and those with physical challenges. “We consider our population to be capable and vital as soon as they set foot in our door. We work with people, encouraging them to maintain their dignity and keep a sense of humor while traveling on the path to their best health.

A Tongue-in-Cheek Look at “Actively Aging”

Fitness for Women Who Love to Eat and Hate to Move

I’m 65 years old and fall comfortably into the Baby Boomer era (born between 1946 and 1964). Being a baby boomer is a state of mind and embodies amazing experiences in the areas of technology, medicine and more.   We’ve embraced the idea of having televisions and computers in almost every room.  But time is passing at break-neck speed and we’re scrambling to stay energetic or, at least, stay standing.  This talk looks at some solutions to attaining better health, while incorporating humor and heart.

The Best Medicine for Actively Aging:  Laughter

Can Happiness Aid in Well Being?

There is a very fitting quote by Erma Bombeck:  “In two decades I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds.  I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.” After having lost and gained 50 plus pounds five times during my own adult life, I’ve developed some interesting coping mechanisms. When riding the roller coaster of improving health, there are always rays of sunshine – those small feel-good moments when the anger, frustration and sadness abate, and determination once again abounds. When you feel the cloud lift, it’s time to incorporate one of the most necessary tools of life – laughter.  Let’s face it…life is better with laughter. Laughter can contribute to improved health. Countless research studies substantiate this phenomenon.

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“Esta has inspired me to be fit in a way no-one else has ever done. Keeping fit has been fun for the first time in my life. I am at an age when most people don’t want to move at all and I can’t wait for her classes. She is an inspiration. Keep on doing what you are doing Esta.”

B. Mann

“She [Esta] is consummately committed to her goal of overall health and fitness for herself, as well as for her clients.  Her various certifications validate the knowledge and wisdom she offers to each of her clients in her warm, personal, patient and individualized way.”

Celeste C.

“I don't necessarily love to exercise, however, Esta makes it so much fun it doesn't feel like work!”

Julie K.