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Author, Coach, Speaker, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

Hi, I’m Esta McIntyre, sexagenarian, food lover and non-enthusiastic exerciser.  I’ve spent most of my adult life searching for the answer to an age-old question:  Why can’t I eat what I want and not gain weight?  So, what is someone like me doing in a fitness career?  I found out that getting strong and healthy is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  In my quest to be a normal weight, I embarked upon many programs that would be the “last program I’d ever need to do” (or so they claimed).  The result was losing and gaining over 50 pounds five times over my adult life.  I never gave up and I discovered some basic premises that might make sense to you. I’m absolutely committed to helping others to find their “Custom Fitness Blueprint.”

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What I Believe

"When it comes to accomplishing what may seem like insurmountable goals, we all need some assistance.  I have spent the last 15 years escorting my clients through the maze of ever-changing fitness and lifestyle data to find what works for them.  I believe in sustainability.  If you can’t see yourself doing something for a lifetime, don’t go there.  I received my training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition as well as many other respected accredited institutions.  Having been raised in New York City, I take a no-nonsense approach to staying fit and aging with grace.  I combine that with lots of humor, caring and hope.  Once you read my book, you’ll have a greater understanding of who I am.  Then, feel free to schedule a one-half hour chat so I can get to know you!"

Esta McIntyre

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